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Beyond detail: continuous observation of real estate market trends

An apartment, a villa, an industrial complex, land: these are all first and foremost an investment, destined to change in value over time. In order to ensure the best result in terms of present and future value, you must rely on professionals in the field of real estate promotion.

Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate market and of the territory, Fidi BC SA is able to guide you toward the best choice for your property, whether it be a life-need or an investment with high prospects.

Fidibc can help you with the following:

  • Identifying the best investment for those looking to buy
  • Finding the best deal for those who are selling
  • Attaining a comprehensive overview of the real estate market
  • Estimating the commercial and real value of a property
  • Intermediating between supply and demand
  • Implementing a comprehensive sales strategy
  • Carrying out all contractual and bureaucratic aspects
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