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Beyond detail: the strategic ability to represent the company in any context

Fidi BC SA is responsible for the management of Swiss and foreign companies. Each company, whether national or international, in order to be effective, requires numerous management and administrative activities, carried out by competitive and professionally up-to-date staff.

The staff of FIDI BC SA is responsible for:

  •     The assumption of fiduciary mandates
  •     The assumption of secretarial and representational mandates
  •     The organization and management of financial and industrial accounting
  •     The preparation of annual and interim accounts
  •     Salary management
  •     The preparation of consolidated financial statements
  •     Legal and business assistance
  •     Professional advice on formations, acquisitions, mergers, Joint-ventures, alliances
  •     Strategies, transformations, turnarounds and liquidations
  •     Advice on contracts and insurance matters
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